Ethiopia’s Ex-Defense Minister takes on Liberia advisory role

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Seeye Abraha
Former Ethiopian defence minister Seeye Abraha has taken up an important position as a security sector reform adviser to Liberia.
Seeye, who was also the head the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)’s endowment fund for the rehabilitation of Tigray from 1995 until his expulsion from the TPLF in 2001, will be leading the UN Development Programme’s security sector reform in Liberia ‘to coordinate with all critical government ministries including the ministry of national defence, the ministry of justice and the office of the national security advisor,’ it was said.
The UNDP website described Seeye as ‘one of the key players in the affairs of his country including politics, military and economic development,’ mentioning also his former role as board chairman of bug national corporations like Ethiopian Airlines
Seeye, who was a long-time confidant of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, served for several years on the ruling party’s executive committee. He later split with Meles over continuation of the costly two-year war with Eritrea. He was imprisoned for six years and when he got out of prison, Seeye joined the opposition Unity for Democracy and Justice Party.
He left Ethiopia for the United States in 2011. Seeye, 61, recently completed graduate studies in public administration at Harvard University.
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Arefayné Fantahun


Arefayné Fantahun

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