Galani: The Secret Coffee Shop

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It was a delight to discover the secretly located Galani Coffee Warehouse in an industrial area Jackros villas. Last Saturday, I went there with my family and we were pleasantly surprised by its excellent coffee, atmosphere and customer service. The high-ceilinged, spacious sitting room is located in the compound of its coffee roaster chain Moplaco, a large coffee bean pressing enterprise. There were a couple of young customers with their laptops, other group of friends chatting. Jazz music echoes around a central lounge and there was a relaxed atmosphere with conversations hanging in the air. Friendly waitresses keep things moving at the wood tables. At Galani they serve a real macchiato, an espresso with only a shot of milk. The Ethiopian style macchiato is known there mini latte. They also offer cappuccinos, espresso, picolino (the house’s special of chocolate cream and caramel cream topped with an espresso shot and a touch of foam).
Yet the coffee shop has also delicious food offerings; tartines, salad, oven roasted pumpkin, mushroom ragout. The Choco crepe that my wife ordered was the only real disappointment as it was not fresh. And while prices are not low, they are not excessive.
The Choco crepe
Galani is about a good cup of coffee and a good atmosphere in which to enjoy it. The library has lots of magazines and books on coffee and tea. There is also children’s corner with coloured pencil, toys to drive and different plays.
(Galani is located behind Jackros villas in Sahelite Miheret area, close to another coffee shop Robera Coffee. Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They have also bags of roasted coffee for people to take home. )

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