A night out in Addis

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The early evening hours of Saturday July 16 was vibrant as any weekend night. Addis Ababans were ready to party and spend their happy hours in the different hangouts spots and night clubs. In Bole area, there are plenty of entertainment spots in close proximity. People have a wide variety of choices ranging from dancing clubs to watching performances or a place where they can just sit to have drinks with friends. Club H2O, which is located off Mickey Leland Street around Atlas area, is one of those establishments.
The two-floor nightclub has a dedicated dancing area and has a gate fee of 50 birr. Patrons enjoy premium drinks and the pulsating party atmosphere there. Despite the chilly weather outside, people were surrounded by the warm and vibrant environment from the moment they step inside. With loud music playing in the background, a group of friends gathered at one corner with their drinks in their hands enjoying themselves.
H2O night club provides drinks at reasonable prices. The prices of various drinks start at 50 birr. However, customers have to order drinks without being provided with a menu. Nonetheless, the people at the club were enjoying their time. Eventually, clubgoers started to get into the party mood and started dancing to the beats.
The music played by the DJ was upbeat and was suitable to move one’s head to the music. African and remixed Western songs consisting of a strong rhythm and fast paced beats were dominant. The DJ usually combines the element of drum, which sounds like Djembe, with some Western pop songs, such as Roar by Katy Perry, Work by Rihanna, Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake and so on. It is hard to get detached from the vibe. In addition to that, the selection of music is a good opportunity for foreigners to explore African music and Western songs played in a different Ethiopian style.
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Yannis Lee


Yannis Lee

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