Bob Marely statue to be removed


A statue of Bob Marely in Addis Ababa will be removed from a spot in roundabout in Gerji area where it has stood for the past two years.
The statue, which according to the Ethiopian Roads Authority, is causing frequent traffic jams, shows the reggae icon Marely in a swaying movement, carrying his guitar, and his face covered by his dreadlocks. The Authority says it has decided to abolish the roundabouts and remove the statue and install a traffic signal pole instead.
The life-size statue was commissioned in occasion of the 70th birthday celebration by two brothers, the Ethiopian reggae singer Zeleke Gessese and music promoter, Addisu Gessese and a businessman Awad Mohamed. Officials promised to find “a more appropriate place” for the statue.

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  1. Where are going to put it? That roundabout is a nightmare… there should be a bridge..

  2. That roundabout sucks no matter what. I hope they find better place for the statue though.

  3. The statue didn’t quite represent Bob Marly for he was a great man, more than a dreadlock in a swaying movement. He stood up for many great causes!

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