Millionaire Seid Birhan interviewed on French Television


Seid Mohammed Birhan, owner of the Ambassador Garment, was featured in France 2 TV National Prime Time News, on Thursday, January 5 under the title, Éthiopie: le pays des millionnaires. (Ethiopia, the country of millionaires.) The news episode shows Seid in his mountaintop villa in Addis Ababa and describes the man who dreams big and succeeds at everything. Seid who also owns Ambassador Hotel and Ambassador Real Estate ostensibly displays his wealth, the reporter said. The value of his fortune is in millions of euros, and he does not hesitate to show it, even though the interior decoration of Seid’s house was not to the journalist’s taste. The photo of the American billionaire Warren Buffet hung from the wall above, Seid taking him as one of his models. The country that suffered several crises, including famine and economic collapse in the 1980s and still out of the 20 poorest countries in the world, is seeing a significant number of middle class and nouveaux riches, the news report indicates. Seid is one of them. Starting with nothing, the former tailor is today one of the leading purveyor of men’s suits in the country, according the report. 600 costumes churns out of his flagship factory a day. He one day wants to join a closed circle of billionaires on the web.
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  1. Alem says:

    Aref, So who is Seid Mohammed Birhan? Never heard of the guy before.

  2. Alem says:

    Thank you so much for the prompt response. I only wish there was a site where a detailed bio of the new rich and the business they are in and relevant documents is archived [including acquisition of real estate often registered in someone else’s name]. Shedding light on dark recesses of our society is useful for all who plan on investing in the country and for future generation.

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