Prof. Mammo Muchie pays tribute to Richard Pankhurst

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I had met Dr. Richard Pankhurst in a conference at SOAS University of London and we had communicated when he contributed an article to Ee-JRIF, the open access journal we have been running on research and innovation foresight for over the last 8 years.
When I gave an interview in South Africa on the Ethiopian Calendar-neither Julian nor Gregorian- I recommended his name when they asked me who I should recommend to read on Ethiopian history. That says it all. There are some Ethiopian born who do not do anything for Ethiopia, but Dr. Richard Pankhurst was not born in Ethiopia like also Sven Rubinson and others who were not born in Ethiopia, we have come to know through their dedicated and consistent work they respect, love and care about Ethiopia from their heart and soul. They have left a legacy for all of us– if we truly want to know ourselves as Ethiopians we must learn the treasure of Ethiopian history they left behind. When we know our history, we come to know ourselves better. They left us the treasure of historical knowledge that inscribes and ignites our Ethiopian identity and agency!
To know ourselves we must know our history and when we say farewell to Dr.Richard Pankhurst, we are actually seeing his resurrection and not his passing away.. the work he left behind on the history of Ethiopia makes him alive not dead,. He is with us and trust me will live forever.The Ethiopian history he left behind is a rich resource for generations to continue to make them proud, independent, full of self-worth and dignity.
We all genuine Ethiopians who appreciate the special distinctive quality of this great Ethiopia we are lucky to be born in must celebrate Dr. Richard Pankhurst forever!!!
I think we should all make a historic remembrance events and look forward to hearing from all of you.

Professor Mammo Muchie is an author of several books on innovation and education. He is currently a Research Professor of Innovation Studies at the Institute of Economic Research on innovation at Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, South Africa. He is also a research professor and fellow of many other institutions and academies.
(photo by Mario Di Bari)

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