Somali President lashed out at Ethiopia in 2015 interview

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The newly elected Somalia’s President Abdullahi Mohamed, also known as Farmajo, was not the first choice of Ethiopia, a country described as the most influential political and military player in Somalia. That was not probably surprising, given the blistering attack Farmajo delivered about Ethiopia and two other neighboring countries, Kenya and Djibouti in an interview that he gave two years ago.
Speaking to the NBC News television from his then dwelling Western New York, the dual US-Somali citizen condemned the neighbouring countries engaged in his country in the name of fighting against Al-Shabab, saying “countries including Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti shouldn’t be there. These countries are our historic enemies.” Despite the countries’ claim, “They are not defending Somalia. They don’t care about Somalia. They are destroying humanity in general,” he said, adding “Countries (some) with old border disputes Somalia to fight in Somalia gives Al-Shabab propaganda argument for recruitment,”
Mohamed who took office this month has promised to tackle hunger, corruption and violence in Somalia, which has been mired in civil war for a quarter of a century. His chances of winning increased after Ethiopia, was seen to be backing the defeated president.
Those comments that Farmajo made before he became president are now being shared on social media, eliciting heated reactions. Al Jazeera journalist Hamza Mohamed after posting the video on his Twitter page, asked “Is he going to kick them out?”
A certain Yared Asrat responded saying that “If Ethiopia is kicked out, tomorrow early in the morning, Alshabab will control Mogadishu & there will no be Farmaajo”.
Other comments that Somalia need these countries and a breakup is simply not in the cards.

Arefayné Fantahun
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  1. Ethiopia should leave immediately if this guy had the same negative thought about the countries Including Ethiopia who’s there in Somalia helping somalia. Let him deal by himself

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