Ethiopia lifts part of the state of emergency restrictions

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Ethiopia’s government declared an end to certain restrictions under emergency rule that it has imposed on October 2016 in the wake of violent anti-government protests.
The emergency measures – including powers to impose dusk to dawn curfews and conduct police searches without warrants – ended early on Wednesday. The directives that ban printing of any publication carrying political content, as well as exchanging messages via mobiles and social media were lifted. The prohibitions to visit a factory, farm or governmental institution between 6pm and 6am have been repealed.
The state of emergency imposed to curb unrest “worked”, Defence Minister Siraj Fegessa has said, adding it helped to carry on the efforts being made by the government and the people of Ethiopia to solve the persistent problems and challenges facing the country.
Ethiopia’s leaders were accused of using the emergency rule to muzzle critics of the government and to put a cork in genuine popular dissent.

Arefayné Fantahun
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