Ethiopian authorities bow to pressure, release a journalist

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An Ethiopian journalist walked out of a prison Monday after more than 120 days behind bars. Anania Sorri, a 34-year-old journalist and commentator was arrested in November, among tens of thousands held since a state of emergency.
He was held in a high security prison with no formal charge. His wife, Bezawit Hailegiorgis few weeks ago in an interview with the Guardian called on the international community to pressure local authorities to release her husband.
Anania said that he planned to continue writing. He posts critical commentary on a public Facebook page and blogs.
Scores of senior opposition politicians as well as bloggers and commentators such as Dr. Merera Gudina are still behind bars.

Arefayné Fantahun
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  1. Kebede says:

    Why can’t Anania or anyone write their concerns about their country? It is so backward thinking to try to stop, jail, and exile those who want to for contribute to the welfare their people. Is it not shortage of goodwill and good ideas that is driving people to greater pain and suffering? If Meles Zenawi could say and write all he wanted why is it a crime for Anania or Dr. Merera to entertain a different vision for their own country? Unless one argued Meles and his colleagues are infallible. But then we are daily witnessing Meles’s vision continues to be elusive and marvelously misguided.

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