A new TV channel funded by the ruling party

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The Ethiopian government has launched a new television station with current affairs channel staffed by young journalists.The Ethiopian News Network (ENN), fully funded by the ruling party, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front is starting slowly, with its offerings available on the Egyptian satellite company Nilesat’s stream, and uploading some of its contents on YouTube page. Dr. Debretsion G. Michael, Minster of the Ministry of Communication And Information, is one of the board members overseeing the new TV channels, Ethiopia Observer has learnt.
The Amharic-language station aims to create a “platform” and allow officials, businessmen and scholars to exchange opinions. Among the recent personalities featured on the station’s talk show are executive director of Ethiopian International Institute for Peace and Development and one of the founders of the Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front, Sebaht Nega, former Minister of Information and now businessman, Bereket Simoen and Information Network Security Agency general manager Tekleberhan Wolde Aregay, Vice president of the Tigray Regional State, Addisalem Balema.
The station is led by the web journalist and the regime’s apologist, Benyam Kebede (Ben), owner of the Ethiopia First website and an Amharic magazine called Hibre Bier, a source familiar with the matter told Ethiopia Observer. His news organization regularly attacks anyone who is not in agreement with the regime, savages opposition figures including those behind bars. His deputy is Animut Abraham, a former journalist of the state broadcaster, who denies the actual proven facts that the regime has engaged in the murder and persecution of journalists and dissidents.
ENN producers say their programming is less dogmatic and more openly critical than Ethiopia Broadcast Corporation (EBC), whose reporting rarely goes beyond repeating communiques from government ministries. The state media are facing increasing competition from more widely available online sources as internet access expands and hugely popular satellite television channels broadcast from the US, such as the Ethiopian Satellite Television, ESAT.
Like many of the country’s state outlets, ENN journalists included recent graduates eager to modernize official media that have become irrelevant to most young Ethiopians. But content and editorial decisions remains almost entirely under the control of the ruling party.

Arefayné Fantahun
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  1. Alem says:

    The network is “fully funded by the ruling party” and on the inaugural platform are Debretsion, Bereket, Sebhat, Addisalem, TekleBirhan [all Tplf] and anyone they approve. Do you get the point? Tplf must be deeply disturbed by conditions in the country. In other words, this is yet another of the desperate strategies Tplf has been known for in years past.

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