An ethno-nationalist think-tank dedicated to the Tigray people


An ethno-nationalist think-tank dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future core of the Tigray people and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was launched. Vice President of Adigrat University, Alem Mebrahtu, is behind the think-tank, which he said would join forces to discuss policy ideas on matters, such as social-economic, political, cultural and linguistic issues. He is joined by several other prominent Tigrayans such as associate professor at the Addis Ababa University College of Law and Governance Study, Assefa Fiseha, State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Aklilu Hailemichael, the executive director of Tigray Development Association, Tadele Hagos.
The institute says it aims to be “a leading think-tank to generate new strategies to counter and overcome of the increasing anti-Tigrayn feelings in the country, and works towards solutions-oriented research that explores ways to address prejudice in the ethnic group in all its forms.” The TPLF dominated government of Ethiopia is increasingly challenged by the two other major ethnic groups in the country, Oromos and Amharas.
The think-tank intends to host regular public events and conferences, publish books, journals, essays, with particular insistence on the need to protect Tigrayan identity and interests. It would also hand out awards for research work and documentaries to re-write the Tigray people’s history and glorify some of its heroes.
TPLF is already accused of creating a high school, the only one of its kind in Ethiopia, for propagating ultranationalist ideas. The school called Kallamino special high school, a full scholarship boarding Secondary School for “talented students competitively selected from all primary schools of Tigray National Regional state”. The school was established in 1998 by Tigrai Development Association (TDA) a membership based non-for-profit organization with a vision of making Tigrai prosperous and free from poverty and backwardness.

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  1. […] Ethiopiaoserver)An ethno-nationalist think-tank dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future core of the Tigray […]

    • Zergaw says:

      This is what is expected from moronic and tribalist idiots. In 21st century, you talking about your poor village. You will pay the cost tomorrow or after tomorrow.

  2. Alem says:

    You undermine your own intellectual credibility once you present yourself as “ethno-nationalist.” The “increasing anti-Tigrayn feelings in the country” is primarily generated by Tigrayans. To try to explain away or deny this fact only worsens the situation. Tigrayan scholars, if at all scholars who could separate their racist passion from the reality on the ground, ought to consider the following: 1/ Tigrayans are a minority; their divide-and-rule will ultimately collapse under its own dead weight 2/ no one can rule over a group against its wishes 3/ the moment you think you are smarter than others your downfall is imminent 4/ every negative passion you incite will create similar passion in others and raise a wall around you to fill you with fear [hence the palpable contempt for Tigrayans]. Speaking of fear, the fact that Hailemariam [a non-Tigrayan] is the prime minister is a sign of fear within Tigrayan circle; the fact that most “advisers” “special counsel” and “deputy prime ministers” to Hailemariam are Tigrayans proves my point. Tigrayan leaders are so fearful that they can only “trust” their own or buy the service of others with favors. In other words, they are trapped by their own devising.

    So what could “ethno-nationalist” scholars do to allay their fears? Simple. Be fair. What makes you think your children could receive elite education while someone else’s won’t even get a basic service? The country belongs to all. Activities that are initiated can not be sustained unless it accommodated participation from others. Remember Ethiopians care about their country. They do have input to make to better theirs and their children’s future. Their input may not necessarily be the same with those held by Tigrayans. Punishing them for holding different vision from the ruling party should not be reason for being ostracized or in many cases imprisoned. Also you need to learn from Eritrea. Eritrean “unity” was the result of hating others. Tigrayan “unity” is only in opposition to hating Amharas and Oromos primarily. Tigrayans by themselves will face Eritrea’s fate. One constant fear is loss of power and wealth mostly gained by illicit means. May I go ahead and suggest a simple solution? Remove or stop individuals such as Sebhat Nega from representing Tigrayans. These have served their purpose during the struggle but are now essentially dead weights. Have you watched the most recent interview Sebhat gave regarding Tplf funds? That simply was crass for lack of a better word. The other thing is people are tired of seeing the same faces for so long [Tigrayan leaders are essentially a billboard of hate and injustice and they seem to think the opposite is true]. Remember also there are much better qualified Ethiopians to engage in the running the nation’s affairs. Look around at heads of ministries or agencies such as banks and the airline industry. The nation and its peoples will be better served if appointments are on the basis of qualification, experience and high moral standing. I know it is painful to admit the level of nepotism, low grade effectiveness and corruption. But the only way to healing and real growth is in admitting the sickness is there. Every body sees it except those in power. Isn’t that the sad truth every where?

    There are many confidence building measures to take. For example, killil football matches should be scrapped altogether. It appears from last week’s incident that it is one of the ways the ruling party is fueling inter-ethnic antagonisms [may be unintended but a fact]. There was death and numerous injuries following the incident in Mekelle. The fact that the organizers failed in their task of providing adequate protection for the visiting team and supporters is enough to impose censure. Some have to be relieved of their duties. The police commander’s response to German radio interview is simply irresponsible. I could go on but you get the point.

    Finally, make space for private sector Ethiopian entrepreneurs. What we have now are foreign investors making deals with Tigrayan-led state, state-led businesses, Tigrayan businesses and those who collaborate with them. This amounts to an economic prison system. Why should individual Ethiopians be hamstrung by bureaucratic, changing and restrictive state rules. The danger of the present system comes in the event of changes in global conditions; and it is already here. In other words, the present system does not have in-built strength to withstand external pressures. Above all, stop believing your own propaganda and manufacturing a revisionist and utopian history. Study real history of societies, particularly recent Ethiopian history. Good luck

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