Charged for posting information, poem and music on You Tube

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A group of Ethiopian online bloggers and activists have been charged with posting information, poem recital and music perceived to be critical of the regime on You Tube, a move seen as part of the regime’s further clampdown on the social media. The seven individuals from the restive Oromia region, Moebel Misganu, Hailu Necho, Oliyad Bekele, Ifa Gemechu, Tamiru Keneni, Sena Solomon and Elias Kiflu, are charged with conducting interviews with politicians, recording and uploading news, music and poems, accompanied with pictures of the flag of the outlawed group, Oromo liberation Front on You Tube, an attorney said on Thursday, according to the government’s mouthpiece Radio Fana. The group was accused of inciting a riot and destabilizing the nation. Sena Solomon, a vocalist, had been been detained at Maekelawi prison for six months without trial along with Elias Kiflu, also a singer and owner of music and video studio.
The Ethiopian regime is often accused of using overly broad provisions Anti-Terrorism Proclamation to silence dissenting voices. Since its introduction in 2009, the law has been used to prosecute members of opposition political parties, independent journalists and peaceful protestors more than any other groups. Many of them still languish in jail.

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