Trump’s Gunship diplomacy in Africa

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If congress passes Trump administration’s Pentagon budget for 2018, US foreign aid to Sub Saharan Africa would drop from 8 to 5, 2 billion, according to the New York Times. Even some of the money still in the Trump proposal would shift to security areas from humanitarian and development, the paper revealed. The biggest causality of the significant aid cut would be, the fight against HIV, think thanks and civil society organisation working throughout Africa, and state department funding in the continent, according to the Times. As sign of little interest for Africa, the White House has not yet nominated someone for the post of assistant secretary of state for African affairs and the National Security Council still doesn’t have a director for African affairs. President Trump consistently emphasized his commitment to defence spending. The New York Times reminded its readers that the highest officials who visited sub-Saharan African countries after Trump’s elections are all military generals: James Mattis, Secretary of Defence, Daniel Allyn, vice chief of staff the United States Army and Thomas Waldhauser, the head of the Pentagon’s Africa Command. On May, US hosted the African Land Forces Summit, a conference of 126 American Army officers and service members and their counterparts from 40 African nations in Mau Mission, Malawi.

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