Qwanqwa new album! Pre-order to support the project and the band’s trip to Womex festival

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The Addis Ababa-based experimental Ethiopian quartet, Qwanqwa – ቋንቋ, is on its way to WOMEX Festival in Poland this fall, October 2017 and they are taking pre-orders for their new record to fund the trip. Qwanqwa is comprised of 4 Ethiopian traditional instrumentalists, Messele Asmamaw (Lead Kirar), Anteneh Teklemarim, (bass), Misale Legesse (kebero), Endris Hassen (masinko) and the violinist Kaethe Hostetter (who has been living in Ethiopia and working with Ethiopians musicians since she first set foot in 2009). It’s been called a supergroup of master virtuosos, holders of tradition, brought together by a spirit of experimentalism.
Qwanqwa’s third album, Volume Three, produced by Shahzad Ismaily, is set for early 2018 on FPE Records. The group promises to present its take on a forgotten melody of the Blen tribe of Eritrea, a muscly version of a Gurage melody, as well as an epic wedding medley.Qwanqwa is asking for help to finish the 3rd album, and for getting the members to Poland for the showcase at WOMEX-17, described as the largest gathering of professionals in the world music community.
“Some of funds we raise will be used to cover international flights, lodgings, food, and incidentals while we are in Poland, promotional materials to give to people in he industry, as well as visa fees, and anything else that gets us there. Part of the funds will be used to pay for the mixing and mastering of the album, as well as the artwork and graphic design of the album,” Kaethe said.

Check out this project and pre-order the album.

Selam Kirubel


Selam Kirubel

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