Distinguished soil scientist and former State Minister of Agriculture passed away

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Distinguished soil scientist and former Ethiopian State Minister of Agriculture, Professor Tekalign Mamo passed away.
The cause of his death has not been disclosed but he had been hospitalized in UK following an illness. He was 61.
Until a month before his death, Prof. Tekalign served as Head of Center for Soil and Fertilizer Research in Africa, a newly launched program at Mohamed VI polytechnic University in Ben Guerir, Morocco. In the past, he served as adviser to the then Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture from 2005-10. During those five years, he led a national initiative that helped to rehabilitate more than 15 million hectares of degraded land through a community-based participatory program. The late professor has been praised for “his remarkable effort across levels, but always rooted in a profound understanding of how transformation must always include the farmer.”
He also served as State Minister of Agriculture; Vice President of Haramaya University; and Senior Researcher and Director of Research and Founding Fellow of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS). He was the founder and first Editor-in-Chief of the Ethiopian Journal of Natural Resources and Founding Fellow of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS).
He has been awarded the 2016 IFA Norman Borlaug Award, 2015 UN FAO International Global Ambassador for Soils Nomination, and the Yara prize in 2014.
Since joining Haramay University in 1973 as student, he had taken interest on soil and agriculture issue. He served there as teacher and researcher for decade before moving to Debre Zeit, as senior researcher and Director of research, a position that he held until 1999. Mamo graduated as Ph.D. in Soil chemistry and fertility at Aberdeen University, Scotland.
His funeral will be held on Saturday 9 September Holy Trinity Cathedral Church in Addis Ababa.

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