Prominent economist Wolday Amha dies in car crash


Dr. Wolday Amha, a prominent economist and the Executive Director of the Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions has died in a car crash near Addis Ababa yesterday. Tha accident was caused by a Coca Cola delivery heavy truck on its was to Hawassa while Dr. Wolday was coming back to Addis. The accident happened a few kilometers further from Meki. The truck driver fled the scene because it was his fault, and he is still at large, Dr. Tesfaye Yohannes who had been at the scene told Ethiopia Observer.
Widely known as one of the country’s most influential economists, Wolday was heavily involved in research and development in economics and microfinance. He taught for a number of years at Addis Ababa University. He was profoundly loved and respected by many of his students and peers.
In the past, he worked as a consultant to the Ministry of Agriculture as advisor under FAO’s special program for food production and food grain marketing project and as a consultant for a number of NGOs helping them to improve their credit and saving operations.
Wolday graduated from the Technical University of Berlin in December 1994 with a PhD and joined Awassa College of Agriculture (1995) and the Economics Department of Addis Ababa University (1996) as an Assistant Professor. In 1997, he worked as a senior researcher in a USAID project in Ethiopia conducted in collaboration of Michigan University. Since 1998, he has served as the founding Director of the Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI). He held the position of President of African Microfinance Network (AFMIN) for three years and President of the Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA) for five years.
Wolday has been a board member of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia for number of years.
He is survived by his wife and three children.
His funeral is set for Saturday 9th of September at 10 am local time at The Holy Trinity Cathedral Church.

Arefayné Fantahun
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  1. Alemayehu tesfaye says:

    Its bad and sorrow news for me personaly,he was an outstanding economist leading microfinance industry in ethiopia and africa….sorry ….Comment

  2. abebe says:

    Who was at fault?

    • Admin says:

      You know who is to determine who is at fault in a car accident. When there is a final say, and when we come to find about it, we will let you. Thanks for reading the Ethiopia Observer.

  3. Ted HS says:

    It’s shocking !!! kind of felt something intrinsic within, who dies !

  4. John Kyebagadha says:

    This is very absurd. May his soul RTI

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