Ethiopian government admits individuals killed during protests

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Ethiopian government admitted that there were fatalities and property damages in yesterday’s anti-paramilitary forces protests in various towns of Oromia region.
At least two persons were killed in the eastern town of Aweday when clashes broke out during anti-paramilitary protests yesterday, according to some media reports. Similar protests were also held in Deder, Kobo, and Chelenko towns against what protesters described as atrocities committed by the Somali paramilitary forces, Liyu Hail in the region. The government communications minister, Negeri Lencho who spoke to the state-owned Radio Fana didn’t provide numbers but confirmed there had indeed been individuals killed and injured as a result of the protests. Negeri told Radio Fana that around 600 people of Oromo and Somali origins displaced from Jigjiga and Aweday towns have taken refuge in Harar.
Negeri also said the federal government is working with officials of the two regions to resolve the impasse and members of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces started disarming clan militia groups in the area. Order had been given to the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission to conduct investigations of any abuses on the ground, according to Negeri.
(Update: The number of people killed in Aweday yesterday is far greater than previously reported and the death toll could reach thirty, according to witnesses. Most of the victims were Somali “khat” traders. Protesters torched long-distance buses, Selam and Ethio on the road between Chelenko and Kobo towns, after they forced off passengers along with the bus drivers, according to DW. Around 1000 Oromos displaced from towns in the Somalia region, Gursum, Togowuchale, Hartisheik are sheltered in Babile and Harar. There was a large demonstration in eastern Hararghe town, Karamele and five injured and one died.)

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