Teddy Afro’s Mar Eske Tuaf ማር እስከ ጧፍ (ፍቅር እስከ መቃብር) video released

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On Monday, Ethiopian New Year Teddy Afro released the highly anticipated music video from his last album Ethiopia, Mar Eske Tuaf. The six-minute video, produced by Teddy Afro’s wife Amleset Muchie, features some adorable footage of
the romance between the noble girl Sablewengel (played by Amleset herslef) and the scholar and poet Bezabah inspired from the Ethiopia classic “Fikir Eske Mekabir”.
The story was about the forbidden love of Sablewengel, the daughter of Fitawerari Meshasha who considers his family’s lineage to be unparalleled in his land and Bazabah, a scholar and poet, who was contracted to tutor Sablawengel in ecclesiastical Ethiopian literature, who was seen as less socially prominent peer.
An unsuspecting romance blooms between Bazabah and Sablawengel. In lieu of the consequences of her parent’s disapproval, Bazabah and Sablawengel plot an escape with the help of Gudu Kassa (a relative of Meshasha known for his contraire views and comic relief, a character akin to the fool in Shakespeare”).
The clip features more than 100 actors, dozens of costume changes, dozens of extras. It makes for a great watch, thanks to well-executed production, creative editing, good quality sound, and high definition images. The video was shot in four locations around DebreMarkos, Dimaghiorgis, Denbecha, Sentera, the setting of the book that showcases rich landscapes and beautiful countryside. Extract from the audio narration of the book by Wogayehu Nigatu was also included.

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