Charges against corruption suspect Samuel Teklay dropped

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The prosecutor of the Federal Attorney General has decided not to proceed against owner of Satcon construction firm, Samuel Teklay, a suspect in the much touted anti-corruption campaign launched few months ago. With the decision to drop the case, the scandal that has been dogging one of the regime’s inner circles has been buried. Samuel Teklay, one of the richest persons in Ethiopia fled country for undisclosed destination days before an arrest warrant was issued. The powerful figure with proximity to Tigray Liberation Front and the owner of a mansion in Addis Ababa that he rents for 36,000 US dollars per month for the United Arab Embassy had left the country during an investigation into his business affairs. An arrest warrant was issued after his departure, causing a stir, but some say understandable given his powerful connection and friendship with personalities such as Bereket Simoen. The prosecutor’s decision has been approved by the court, meaning Samuel could back home and resume his business. According to an earlier court paper, an investigation determined that Samuel took advantage of his friendship and connections to garner profits while hurting state-owned assets. He allegedly borrowed money for the construction of Delbena-Jinka gravel road upgrading project in 2006 with no guaranty and with no legal procedures, rather by the privileges given to him the director of the Ethiopian Roads Authority, Zaid Woldegabriel, who is currently behind bars. For the construction of Endasilassie –Dejena- Danshena road, Satcon was given a tar substance credit worth 24 million birr by the order of Zaid, without fulfilling proper procedures. The court charge reads that Satcon failed to pay back on time and a charge was brought against it, and it was decided that Satcon pay back 18 million birr but still has not paid back 7 million birr.

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