Government accepts Abadula’s resignation letter


Speaker of the house of people’s representative, Abadula Gemeda, has submitted his resignation in an abrupt manner, according to the Reporter.The Reporter wrote that Abadula submitted his resignation letter to the ruling party’s executive committee fifteen days ago, which was accepted. Abadula was coming to his office up until yesterday and he would be chairing the opening of the parliament on Monday, the paper reported.
The paper did not provide reason for his resignation but Addis Standard quoted a source saying that it was “in protest over recent political developments including the federal security handling of the ongoing violence in eastern Ethiopia”, which has displaced about 150, 000 Oromos from the country’s Somali regional state.
A loyal member of the regime and with military title that has reached the post of Major General, Abadula took up the speaker post in 2010. Previously, he served as the president of the Oromia region, where he had been very popular, according to some reports to the extent of threatening the power of the then Prime minister.
Abadula’s critics say he has gained large shares in the country’s banking, hotel and other industries over the years in an unjust and unlawful way. Since from his days as president of the Oromia region, Aba Dula was often accused of selling and distributing land illegally and controlling minimum five luxury homes. In 2009 he gave his house which was located in Adama town to his own party, OPDO saying that it would be stumbling block to his “struggle for the good of the country”. It was widely reported then that Aba Dula took this measure not on his own but by secret orders from on high, probably Meles Zenawi himself. His villa located on Olympia, next to New York Café has reportedly been rented for 4,000 dollars per month. His two daughters, Jalete and Sorete who went to the British school and the French school, are fabulously wealthy for teenagers and are gaining notoriety in Addis Ababa’s business circle as spendthrift.

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  1. lt says:

    This thief stole our family business in the Oromia region. When my father died he sent his henchmen to ask for protection money in order for us to keep our business. We asked to meet with him, he ordered about 30 of his followers to destroy the shops and a house we were building. They beat up the guard at the door, shot at him with a Kalashnikov and destroyed the property. After that they lied stating the property had never existed and that due to the damage they were sure we could not recover.

    I am just providing this information so everyone knows who he is. He acts like a reformed religious person but he is a thief and a liar. He is also an irredeemable coward. He was captured running away from a fight that his soldiers were fighting during the Derg. When the war erupted with Eritrea in 1998 he again joined the fight. yet again his cowardice resulted in the death of thousands of soldiers. A unit of the Ethiopian Army was forced to break out, after being surrounded, with heavy losses on the Tsorena front as a result of his “leadership”. After that command of the army was given to others and he was removed and put in an advisory role. He is the biggest mistake to have ever been put in a uniform or in any leadership role.

    • Bilisuma says:

      These trash words of you are only revealing who you are. It is because of the stupid guys like you and your ancestors that the Region is suffering right now. You stupid guys keep on hating the Oromos, but you love to misuse their resources. You could have also surrendered if you were in his shoes because it could be the best option you may have, so shut up. You said “he stole” your “family business” initially, but later you said “he ordered his followers to destroy the shops”. Thus, for you the two words “stole” and “destroyed” have the same meaning. Speaking of stealing, do you know how the whole system operates, or you want to hide it for the others whom you care about?!

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