Interview with retired diplomat and a member of distinguished family of the Bete Israel, Dr. Fitigu Tadesse


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Arefayné Fantahun
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  1. Tesfa says:

    How many of Dr. Fitigu’s calibre can you name in the ministry of Foreign Affairs or for that matter within the nation’s leadership?

  2. Avi Yitzhak says:

    Obviously I do respect Dr Fitigu’s opinion. However, I think he is NOT credentialed to opinionate on the Jewishness of the Bete Israel. I advise everybody to read the 4 series of books regarding Ethiopian history by Tekletsadiq Mekuria, a colleague of Prof. Emmanuel when he had worked at the ministry of education durig Haile Selassie’s regime. And focus on the Falasha history depicted there, especially the hardships that these people endured. I dare say that when I compare the Ethiopian immigrants to other newcomers in Israel- these are the most zionist group of people and it really does not matter what contrary opinions linger out there.

  3. Alem says:

    Avi, Why would you waste precious time to convince us if “contrary opinion” did not matter? Dr. Fitigu’s “opinion” is in fact the consensus, not the outlier as you think. Before referring the reader to Tekletsadik you need to consider the context and the complex relationships and hierarchies within Ethiopian society. You are not saying much by telling the reader the historian Tekletsadik was colleague to Prof. Emmanuel or that he wrote a series of books on Falasha history. The Falasha did indeed adopt Jewish customs and rituals as did Orthodox believers. I contend the separateness of the two communities is largely the result of vocations they engaged in and a monarchy that needed validation by a link to a “Solomonic dynasty.” Tekeltsadik operated within that worldview. So you need to come up with another explanation. Please consider that grinding poverty and fear remains the incentive for Ethiopians to migrate to Israel and to Saudi Arabia!

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